Trademark and Intellectual Properties

While your business may be global, your trademark registration is always territorial. Not everyone realizes the importance of registering their trademarks abroad once they have expanded in other countries, but we do. To help you wring out the most profit from your exclusive products and services, Integrity consulting India provides for professional guidance to assist you in quick and hassle-free registration of your trademarks.

Different countries have different positions and policies regarding intellectual property rights or IP. To help you circumnavigate the acrimonious debate and technicalities surrounding this issue and protect your indigenous IP, Integrity consulting provides you with highly qualified professionals to effectively investigate and prosecute the infringes.

Services on offer:

Formulate comprehensive and holistic IP policies


Assistance in formulation of IP portfolio management policy


Assess market potential and trends of your IP and trademark


Help you in achieving maximum commercial benefits by effective exploitation and protection of intellectual assets.


Assistance in registering your trademark globally, and many more.


It is no less than a disaster to invest in a brand, promote it fervently in the local market only to find that you have failed to register your brand globally and henceforth will have to abandon the idea once you intend to go global. We are here to help you avoid that. Contact us to help you retain what is yours by right.

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