Financial Advisory

Competitive pressures, increased scrutiny into operational aspects by different stakeholders and frequent changes in regulatory mechanisms has made the task of growing, fostering and sustaining a business a lot difficult. To cope with these issues in today’s volatile economic environment, companies are increasingly looking for expert professionals to impart them sound financial advice in a bid to help them transform their business.

What’s the most effective route for fundraising? How to minimize risk and deal with fraudulent practices? What is your firm’s inorganic strategy regarding M&A? How is it being implemented? This and many questions are being answered amicably by our expert professionals at Integrity Consulting.

Our service offerings include:

i. Corporate Finance

ii. Services related to Mergers and Acquisitions

iii. Valuations & Financial Modelling

iv. Implementation of Cost Control and Cost Reduction Policies

v. Investment’s risk analysis

vi. Assistance on working capital management

vii. Consultancy related to operational management

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